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Our mission is to protect and promote the health of the people of the UAE by unifying standards for nursing and midwifery practice, education, and licensure and to systematically contribute to improving the health status of the people of the UAE. 


Our vision is for nursing and midwifery to be regulated, and for nurses and midwives of the UAE to practice in accordance with unified national standards and to provide reliably high quality nursing and midwifery services in all care settings throughout the UAE.


Our values ground the work of the Council in our mission of protecting the health of the public.

    • We strive for excellence and a high level of professionalism in all we do.
    • We are accountable to the public as we act in the best interests of those we serve.
    • We are fair and act with integrity in setting and applying standards.
    • We are collaborative, engaging all stakeholders in our work.
    • We are effective, setting and maintaining high standards for efficiency and service.
    • We are innovative, searching for the best solutions to meet the public’s needs.