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UAE Nursing and Midwifery Council

Scientific Committee on Nursing and Midwifery Registration & Licensure
Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference for the Scientific Committee for Nursing and Midwifery Registration and Licensure outline the areas of focus and responsibilities of the Committee.  The Committee is organized and commissioned by the UAE Nursing and Midwifery Council.  As such, all of its recommendations are reviewed and actioned by the Council.  Committee work is conducted collaboratively, with the input of key stakeholders and representatives from the nursing and midwifery professions, healthcare provider and regulatory entities, academics, government, and from the public.  

The Scientific Committee on Nursing and Midwifery Registration and Licensure will address the following:  


1.   Develop strategic directions for nursing and midwifery registration and licensure to form part of the national strategic plan for nursing and midwifery

Standard Setting

2.   Develop and submit for approval a Nursing and Midwifery Act to form the legal basis for practice, service and education

3.   Define the categories of nursing and midwifery personnel to be regulated by the UAE NMC
4.   Identify types of licenses that can be issued by the Council

5.   Propose standards to the  UAE NMC Board for: 
          a.   Registration and licensure
          b.   Re-licensure, including standards for maintaining competence
          c.   Re-instatement of a license for all the categories regulated by the Council

6.   Review and up-date licensure & registration standards every four years, or as deemed necessary

Registration and Licensing

7.   Establish a plan and time-line for unifying the registration/licensing systems in the UAE
8.   Review the existing system, and thereafter periodically review and propose changes to all aspects of the registration/licensing process
9.   Define and develop nursing and midwifery registers and other databases to be used by the Council.  Review and refine databases to optimize utility in guiding nursing and midwifery workforce planning.
10. Review and propose changes to methods used to validate competence of persons seeking registration, licensing and re-licensing.

Professional Discipline

11. Determine the structure and processes for professional self-regulation.
          a.   Identity a) the types of professional conduct and fitness to practice areas that are appropriate to the UAE NMC, and b) grounds for discipline. 
          b.   Determine the a) disciplinary process to be adopted by the UAE NMC including who and how to refer complaints, the investigation and hearing stages, types of outcomes and sanctions UAE NMC is authorised to apply, and b) the appeals procedure.

Guidance and Advice to Applicants

12.   Provide written guidelines to persons on topics of registration, licensing, accreditation, and professional discipline.
13.   Follow trends in nursing, midwifery and health regulation and bring significant emerging issues and trends to the notice of the Board and the relevant professional groups.

Authoritative Advice

14.   May provide consultation; conduct workshops, forums, and studies, and establish a research agenda for professional regulation.
15.   Convene ad hoc task forces as necessary
16.   When requested, seek and provide input to other scientific committees and ad hoc task forces.