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Fundraising Unit:

  • To put the strategic plan proposal for fundraising. 
  • To identify potential strategic partners and financial supporters. 
  • To develop communication plan with potential strategic partners and financial supporters. 
  • To propose annual plan for fundraising. 
  • To conduct and manage fundraising activities. 

Research Projects and Grants Programs Unit: 

  • To serve as a key resource for researchers who require guidance in conducting research projects. 
  • To conduct high priority research projects of national importance in collaboration with relevant partners. 
  • To establish and maintain a database system on nursing and midwifery research in the UAE. 
  • To foster research-based interdisciplinary and inter-agency collaboration. 
  • To generate and maintain networking and partnering with related agencies at national, regional, and international levels 
  • To conduct once per annum needs analysis study to identify nationwide nursing research priority areas. 
  • To facilitate engagement of potential researchers with peer reviewers. 
  • To facilitate access to national, regional, and international web-based research resources. 
  • To make recommendations (First level of review) on project funding based on competitive scientific merit as well as relevance of the proposed project to the Center's programs and priorities. 
  • To manage the funding process of research projects that have obtained grant approval. 
  • To enhance engagement between end-users, research providers and funders. 

Capacity Building and Research Dissemination Unit:


  • To foster networking and knowledge sharing among researchers, nurse leaders, clinicians and educators at the national, regional, and international levels.
  • To build the capacity of nursing and midwifery researchers in the UAE with a focus on skills development of Emirati researchers. 
  • To develop a platform for a collaborative interchange of evidence-based practice between nursing service and nursing education. 
  • To promote the utilization of research and evidence-based best practices in clinical care, leadership, educational, and policy settings. 
  • To enhances multi-professional (interdisciplinary) communication and coordination to develop an evidence-based practice environment in health care settings. 
  • To provide continuous educational activities to educate nurses and midwives on current and established theories, concepts, and principles related to nursing research. 
  • To develop a comprehensive communication strategy to effectively disseminate nursing research abstracts and findings. 
  • To publish periodic reports on research activities conducted in the UAE.
  • To facilitate and assist nurses’ and midwives’ engagement with the research process, regarding to literature publication (e.g. appraising and critically evaluating published research findings and determining their applicability/suitability to the clinical setting). 
  • To prepare and implement an annual program of research activities which includes lectures, symposia, workshops, and specialized conferences to foster an atmosphere for the exchange of national, regional, and international research expertise. 
  • To set a mechanism for establishing and managing a volunteer research assistants system (multidisciplinary) from academic institutions, healthcare facilities and others.