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Terms of Reference Specialization Committee

This committee is one of five which fall under the regulation of the UAE Nursing and Midwifery Council. Committee work is conducted collaboratively, with the input of key stakeholders and representatives from the nursing and midwifery professions, healthcare providers and regulatory entities, academics, government, and the public.

Strategy and Policy

Develop strategic direction for the specialization of nursing and midwifery practice within the UAE

Standard Setting

  1. Develop a model for specialization which includes:
  2. Priorities for nursing and midwifery specialization
  3. Clinical and non-clinical specialization of nursing roles
  4. Advanced practice in nursing and midwifery
  5. Recommendations on requirements for licensing and regulation of specialized nurses and midwives
    1. Establish a framework to implement specialization across the UAE
    2. Establish practice standards required to support specialization
    3. Develop Scopes of practice for the advanced nurse and midwife

Term of Office

As per UAE NMC Policy on Formation of Committees and Taskforces, committee membership term is three years with the option of a further renewal of three years.

Attendance at Meetings

Committee members are required to attend meetings regularly. When a member cannot attend, they will contact the Chair with their apologies. A member who does not attend three or more meetings in a year without sending apologies will be automatically removed as a committee member.